The Worst Witch 1x5

Pond Life

Mildred is having fun jumping high into the air with Enid, using pirated magic to make the grass bouncy. Maud is getting fed up with Enid constantly distracting Mildred – Maud knows Mildred needs to knuckle down if she’s going to stand a chance at the academy and can’t bear the thought of losing her. Mildred receives a singing teddy from home and it makes her feel homesick. When Mildred looks to Maud for help in Miss Gullet’s transformations class, Maud doesn’t bail her out and Mildred turns Ethel into a pig instead of a mouse into frog. She doesn’t even manage to turn Ethel back successfully – she still has a pig’s snout! Mildred receives a harsh warning from Miss Hardbroom, who threatens expulsion if she can’t perform the spell correctly. Mildred feels fed up with all the rules of school and always being the worst witch. It’s the final straw; she wants to go home. Drusilla intercepts her leaving, telling her that Maud and Enid are fighting. But it’s a trick, and Mildred finds herself facing Ethel. As revenge for still having a pig snout, Ethel turns Mildred into a frog and throws her out of the window.

Feb. 02, 2017

The Worst Witch season 1